Why Equam?

Business experience

Your investment is in the hands of a team with over 30 years of combined experience. We understand the markets, yet we come from the business world. Thus, we like to be close to management teams and have a good understanding of the businesses in wich we invest in.

Alignment of interests

The Equam team is the fund’s largest investor. Consequently your investment and ours are under the same conditions, and we pursue the same objectives.


We manage a single vehicle. We do not get distracted by looking for different investment ideas for various vehicles. For us, the best investment alternatives are a single fund.

Limited Size

Agility, flexibility and proximity. Having a limited size allows us to be agile when investing in/divesting from companies and to manage our time better in order to attend meetings with the companies’ management teams and with our investors.


The project is promoted by the fund managers. We do not depend on any organisation, so our decisions are not conditioned by any business group.


We mainly put our focus on small/mid-cap companies in Europe. For us, proximity to the management team is one of the most important aspects.

Time Horizon

Investment decisions are made based on a long-term return scenario, around 5-7 years. In the short term, there might be volatility.

Equam's method consists of three main pillars

Equam Capital: What We Do

Constant generation of investment ideas

We continuously and systematically look for new investment opportunities. We monitor the companies in our portfolio daily, and from this monitoring, we often come up with new ideas for good businesses that will become part of our monitoring list. This way, we feed our list, where we have already accumulated almost 500 good companies.

Thorough and independent analysis

We determine for each company an intrinsic value and discard investments if the price is high and does not offer a safety margin.
We seek good businesses that do not deteriorate because of competition. We reduce risks by looking for businesses that are not too debt-ridden and equip the portfolio with a more conservative character but which provide solidity and peace of mind in the event of adverse situations.
Finally, we diversify the portfolio, taking a global view of all the investments, trying not to concentrate on a specific sector or geographical area

Disciplined and systematic execution

This is perhaps the most important part of the process and mirrors and builds on the previous section: buy when we spot an opportunity and sell when the company is close to our target value, not getting carried away by the previous good performance.


Patience and discipline as: the foundations of artisanal work


Engagement and proximity with our investors


Information and transparency are our hallmark

Committed to our investors since 2015



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