We invest in quality business

Since 2015 we have applied a disciplined investment approach designed to minimise the loss risk of the investments while maximising long-term returns.
This approach involves identifying good companies with stable businesses, strong balance sheets and good management. Then, we only invest when they are trading at a significant discount to their fair value. The most important thing is to be patient and act decisively at the right time.
A method that is easy to explain yet tough to implement.


Years of investment experience


Million under management

NAV Evolution

Evolución NAV Origen

Evolution of Equam Global Value

        Equam A                MSCI*         Stoxx 50*


1 month* 4,9% 6,4% 4,7% -1,5%
3 months 1,5% 1,0% 0,8% 0,5%
2023 YTD 13,6% 11,7% 12,0% 2,0%
2022 -3,7% -9,5% -1,8% 5,8%
2021 23,9% 25,1% 26,0% -1,3%
Acum. Inception** 76,0% 57,3% 62,9% 18,7%
Ann. Inception** 6,6% 5,3% 5,7% 1,3%

Data at the close of the previous month

*Comparable index including dividends

**Reference date: 30th January 2015

The results back us up

From the beginning, we have outperformed our comparable indices with dividends.

Furthermore, we focus each of our investments on the business’s long-term prospects and price, never on short-term market movements.

We invest most of our assets in the fund to maximize the alignment of interest with our investors.


Patience and discipline: the foundations of artisanal work


Engagement and communication with our investors


Information and transparency are our hallmark

Committed to our investors since 2015



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