Extensive experience in the sector

Equam is formed by a team of professionals with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the world of investment, in addition to other complementary professional experiences in the sector.

Commitment and alignment of interests

Equam’s management team commits its wealth gained in recent years through various investment activities. Therefore, we offer a total alignment of interests with the investors who join us in the project, assuming the same risks and investing under the same conditions.

Investment team

Investor Relations

ADEPA Asset Management
Quintet Private Bank

We rely on the experienced and professional team of Adepa Asset Management to carry out the management tasks, with the guarantee as depositary of the Luxembourg group Quintet Private Bank.


Patience and discipline as: the foundations of artisanal work


Engagement and proximity with our investors


Information and transparency are our hallmark

Committed to our investors since 2015



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